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What is Raiblocks ? understanding and full description of raiblocks

voucher indodax What is Raiblocks ?

Raiblocks is cryptocurrency which type of coin prodeced is rai.To get the coin distributed in RaiBlocks you must claim with input captha in raiblockscommunity.net. View input captcha in raiblocks community :

How does it works ?

The way it works is very simple you just need to input captcha like the picture above. Do as much as possible so you can get a lot Mrai. After you can get a lot Mrai you can shell or trade with satoshi / bitcoin / dollar.

Before you can get mrai in raiblockscommunity you must be have an account raiblocks. You can get account from raiblockscommunity with make wallet raiblocksbot or use wallet leaders.

Are Frequently Asked About Raiblocks ?

1. What is Mrai ?

Mrai is the reward earned by those who have made calims in raiblockscommunity. Mrai can also interpreted as a coin produced by raiblockscommunity.

2. What is Leader ?

Leader is the person who is responsible for providing RaiblocksBotWallet for the worker. Besides the task of  leader is to shell mrai in the can by workers. After mrai can be shell leader must be pay workers according the agreement that has been set.

Step by Step to get Mrai from Raiblocks

1. First you must be make bitcoin wallet.

2. Second you make wallet railblockbot and get raiblocks account and copy it.

4. Then paste your raiblocks account in the column has be provided.

5. Then click claim button.

6. Click image following instruction

7. After that click verify

8. And to view how many you have earned mrai click view your progress.

Thank you for reading i hope this information can help you. If you have question you can write in column comment and i can be answer you comment.


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